Cosmology of Kyoto. 京都千年物語. PC, Mac, Yano Electric Co. Ltd., 1993.

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Cosmology of Kyoto: A Visual Mindscape of Old Japan. 京都千年物語
Windows/Mac, Yano Electric, SOFTEDGE Inc., 1993. 

Original copy Cosmology of Kyoto, released in 1993 by Yano Electric, Ltd. A one-of-a-kind adventure game exploring medieval 10th-11th century Kyoto from a first-person perspective, the game's non-linear structure allows for free exploration of the city with startling historic accuracy, inviting spontaneous discovery of its buildings, pathways, stories, and secrets. With inspiration drawn from Konjaku Monogatarishū (今昔物語集), a collection of Japanese tales from the Heian period, the game steeps the player in Japanese philosophy, Buddhist concepts like reincarnation and karma, mythology, and history – an early example of video game edutainment. Cosmology of Kyoto had a limited production run, a relatively slow pace of play, and high original sticker price of $98 which prevented it from achieving commercial success. However, it received wide critical acclaim and has the distinction of being the only video game ever reviewed by film critic, Roger Ebert: "The richness is almost overwhelming; there is the sense that the resources of this game are limitless and that no two players would have the same experience. [...] This is the most beguiling computer game I have encountered, a seamless blend of information, adventure, humor, and imagination - the gruesome side-by-side with the divine."  Cosmology of Kyoto is widely considered to be a holy grail of retro video games.

Original packaging, 12" x 6 1/2" x 13/16", text in Japanese and English: slipcase with gatefold inner box, foam padding, and inset game housing with protective clear plastic case; detailed accordion-fold map of Heiankyō (medieval Kyoto) with brief historic index and introductory essay by Komatsu Kazuhiko from the Department of Anthropology at Osaka University.  Includes a one-age operation guide, and a configuration guide.  System Configuration specs: "Cosmology of Kyoto is designed to run on a Macintosh (68030 or faster CPU), with System 7.1 (System 6.07 or later is required), Quicktime 1.5 (or later), and a 13-inch or larger screen with at least 256 colors.  At least 4MB of memory should be available. A dual-speed CD-ROM drive is recommended.  Kanji Talk or Japanese Language Kit is required for Japanese mode." Game voices in Japanese with optional English subtitles. 

Condition Notes: Outer slipcase is Good, creasing, rubbed edges and tips, sticker tear and faint writing indentations to front, still functional and attractive. Printed materials are in Near Fine condition with minimal handling. CD-ROM has been professionally resurfaced and has no discernible wear but not tested.