Amatoria Fine Art Books is owned and operated by Miranda Culp and Laurelin Gilmore.


For 35 years in Sacramento, Mr. Richard Leon Press amassed an exceptional collection of art books, exhibition catalogs, prints, originals, and doodles on napkins. Some are from the distant past, some from halfway around the world, many from right here in Northern California. His keen eye, open mind, and unwavering dedication to the safekeeping of these treasures was widely known, and the shop, while under his ownership was always impeccably beautiful.

Amatoria Fine Art Books is owned by Miranda Culp and Laurelin Gilmore. Miranda is a published author who has written extensively on the arts, and Laurelin is a working artist with a minor degree in Library Science.

In early 2020, Mr. Press sold his entire collection to an out-of-towner, who hired Laurelin and Miranda to help him sell down and box up. However, it quickly became clear the store had no intention of closing, so later that same year a generous deal was made and Laurelin and Miranda became the proprietors of this legacy enterprise during a global pandemic.

Mr. Press, the original owner, left this earthly plane on November 13, 2020.

Amatoria Fine Art Books draws its name from the satirical epic poem written by Ovid in IBCE, Ars Amatoria, which means "Art of Love," or "book of Love."


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