Acquiring books from the public is the lifeblood of our business, so first & foremost, thank you for your interest!

If this is your first time selling to us, please be sure to read through the information in each tab in the section below. Familiarity with our buying policy will help the process be as quick and efficient as possible.


  • We require a current California ID for cash transactions
  • We do not offer appraisals
  • The seller is responsible for picking up any books we do not purchase
  • Trade: You get the most bang for your buck with trade, which can be applied to used books, merch, gift certificates, and/or admission to events. Please note that we cannot apply credit on consigned items or new books.
  • Cash: We pay cash for non-collectible books (under $250 in current retail value). When determining the cash value, we offer a percentage of the retail value.
  • Consign: For collectibles over $250 in initial retail value, we contract with you to sell on your behalf. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

We do not currently purchase any of the following:

  • Textbooks
  • Items coming from a home with a smoker
  • Books with loose or broken bindings
  • Books with mold, writing, highlighting, torn pages, dirt, or noticeable exposure to pets

These change slightly from time to time, but generally we're always looking for books featuring the following subjects and/or artists:

  • POC artists
  • LGBTQIA+ creators & artists
  • Film and music
  • Antiquarian books (100+ years old)


We love donations of art books, literature, antiquarian books, etc., and thank you for your generosity in supporting our store!

Please note that we do require donated books to be in good condition & be brought in during our business hours. Please do not leave books at the shop after hours. Any items we cannot use will be donated to Friends of the Library.

No, we do not negotiate on pricing or offers.

We will review the selection and provide a single offer encompassing the books that we believe we can sell. It takes considerable time and energy for us to carefully review each book, determine pricing and calculate percentages. With that in mind, we generally will not recalculate offers once provided, please don't ask us to do the math more than once, and be sure that before you bring books in you're ready to let them go to a new home.

No, we don't offer appraisals or rebinding services. Please visit Friends of the Store to check out our recommended service providers.

In certain situations we're more than happy to make house calls. Examples include large private collections that would be difficult to transport, and/or working with a seller who is unable to travel.

If you're interested in making such an appointment with us, please call the store.

Items purchased online in the domestic U.S. can be refunded within 30 days of purchase.

We do not cover shipping on returned items.


Use the form below to request your appointment. Please note that we currently offer appointments on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday between 12-4pm. If you need an appointment on a different day/time, please call or email the shop.


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